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PV Solar Power is the production of electricity by harnessing energy stored in the radiations from the sun. Apart from the initial cost, the energy produced is completely free. And unlike the absolute majority of our current power sources, solar energy is renewable and sustainable. It does not rely on the market prices nor will it ever run out or become scarce. Perhaps most importantly, solar power is green: It produces no pollutants or harmful gases. So far, PV solar power is our best hope against global warming.

In Lebanon, PV solar power has even more advantages and appeal. That is mainly due to the unreliable and unstable grid and the regular rationing hours that the EDL have implemented as well as the astronomical costs of the usual backup power systems such as diesel generators and monthly generator subscriptions. In short, solar power is emerging as a popular and very cost-effective alternative source of the much needed backup power in Lebanon. That has especially become the case since the launch of LCECP’s NEEREA program that allows 10 year ‘soft’ bank loans for PV installations through official PV dealers such as ourselves.

So why should you choose a solar system for backup power? Here are a few reasons:

- Replace your diesel generator subscription with a smaller monthly payment.
- Own the system. Don’t rely on subscriptions.
- The system lasts at least 25 years. Get completely free power after 10 years!
- Do not rely on the unstable grid that ruins your appliances.
- Solar energy is the inevitable future. It is a fast growing industry about to boom. Ride the wave at its beginning!
- Solar energy is sustainable. You might run out of diesel, but you will never run out of sunlight!
- Solar energy provides complete security. The sun is free and for everyone. No one can monopolize it or change its ‘price’.
- Lebanon has an abundance of the natural solar resources with over 300 days of sunshine per year.
- Solar technology does NOT require direct sunlight. It can produce the power you need even in cloudy days.
- Save money on your electrical bills as well.
- More reliable than generators that need regular downtime for maintenance.
- Static system with ZERO maintenance.
- Completely noise free and silent.
- Odor and pollution free. Reduce CO2 emission. Contribute to protecting your children’s futures.
- Gives you much higher flexibility because it is built on KWh and not Amps.
- Aesthetically appealing unlike diesel generators.
- PV is NOT a destructive industry. Its production does not destroy forests, pollute seas, or dislocate communities.

But in this very new renewable energy market in Lebanon that is still plagued with inexperience, uncertainty and unreliable information, we, here at Control Panel S.A.R.L., aim to be a beacon of trust for our customers regarding all solar power solutions. Solutions that are reached through scientific studies and methodologies by our specialized engineers. Unlike most, we only install solar equipment that is simply the best on the market. We know that not all solar systems, even if with the same specs, give you the same results or last as long. That is why we only use the outstanding solar components on the market such as American made Trojan Batteries and OutBack controllers and inverters.

So, contact us now for a free a study to get the highest quality system that is best suited for you!

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