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Automation is the automatic monitoring and control of home appliances, agricultural farms or industrial machines using control devices and software. These control systems are usually programmed for maximum efficiency, decreased costs, optimum operation…etc. Automation is used to save not only labor but also energy, materials as well as improve quality and precision. 

No longer a luxury solely for extravagant large houses, home automation is now becoming more available, a lot more popular, and not just less expensive but even a money saving technique. It can range from very simple applications such as controlling the running times of a pump, automatically turning off lights or turning on the heating before you get home, to much more complicated tasks such as full home control for maximum cost-efficiency and optimization or complete control of a poultry farm.

Here at Control Panel S.A.R.L., by using state-of-the-art ‘plug and play’ control devices from some of the most prominent wireless technology companies, we eliminate all the complicated and tedious wiring works as well as a large chunk of the cost while still giving you a much more flexible, reliable and user friendly control system. 

So, control your house or business from your laptop or smart phone, increase productivity and efficiency and save money while doing so. Contact us for more information. 

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