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In a country where most issues facing are unorthodox and relentless, Control Panel S.A.R.L. views the future only through out-of-the-box solutions. The main aim of Control Panel S.A.R.L. is to provide creative solutions to the issues that are faced by local communities. We support communities by providing reliable options and high-quality products that will allow their businesses to grow and their families to prosper. 

Here at Control Panel we are committed to providing top-end quality products to our customers. We believe that our customers’ trust can only be gained by providing reliable and durable products they can count on. That is why we have always sought to use only the highest quality components in our solutions as well as partner with companies that provide only the outstanding products on the market. 

We take great pride in coming up with solutions that make the best out of every case and every situation. Our objective is to apply critical thinking to come up with the most efficient solutions that is best suited for you and that will make the most out of your investment and your situation.

Some of our services
Our services include but are not limited to:

ISP Services: Control Panel is a leading internet service provider in all of South Lebanon as well as a top brands communication hardware re-seller. Read more.

Automation: Use smart automatic control to control your home from anywhere, increase your farm's efficiency, decrease production and labor cost at your company and much more. Read more.

PV Power Systems: Get rid of the noise, polluting and unreliable diesel generators now and replace them with a clean renewable and less expensive alternative. Read more.

Solar Pumping Systems: As an official partner for the German solar pump manufacturers, Lorentz, we provide with only the highest quality equipment. Read more.

Real Estate: Coming soon.